Refund & Cancellation

A customer may cancel a task within two (2) minutes from when the task has been accepted by a TickTasker. Once the two (2) minute window has elapsed and until when the TickTasker reaches the location, the customer may cancel the task, incurring a penalty of CHF 5. Upon the TickTasker’s arrival, the customer may no longer cancel the task.

The TickTasker may cancel a task in the following situations:

Aside from the scenarios listed above, the TickTasker must cancel any task which concerns illegal objects.

If a TickTasker cancels a task resembling the circumstances described above,the TickTasker must inform TickTask LLC of the incident directly through TickTask without delay and the customer’s payment will stay blocked until an internal investigation is completed.

If a TickTasker cancels a task in other circumstances than the ones described above, the TickTasker may be penalized in accordance with Clause 13 of the Terms of Use.

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